Last update: March 20, 2020

Cookie policy


Cookies are a small amount of data that is transmitted between a sender and a recipient. A cookie is created and interpreted by the sender, while the recipient only keeps it and sends it back if the sender requests it.

When you browse the Internet, the sender is the server that hosts a website and the recipient is the Internet browser (browser) of the user visiting that site. Their purpose is to identify the user, verify his past activity on that site and provide specific content based on this data.

When a user visits a site for the first time, the server stores a certain cookie in its web browser (browser). At all subsequent visits to this first visit, the server will request its cookie to read and upload a certain configuration of the website that is most appropriate for that user. You can see cookies as a tag that the servers apply to each user, then read them to identify users.

This identification is especially useful on websites where real-time user data is critical. For example, when using an online store, you could not buy anything without the help of cookies. Stores could not identify you and assign you a shopping cart without them because every time you load a new page, the store will look at you as a new user and create a new cart.

As such, cookies are widely used on the Internet because they allow websites to be more powerful, providing dynamic and useful content for each user. In some cases, websites cannot work without the use of cookies. They also allow websites to gather data about their users and the pages they visit. But like any other technology, they can be used for less ethical purposes. That’s why everyone on the Internet knows how it works and how it can be used.


We use cookies to monitor the activity performed on the site. Cookies are also useful for faster loading of content.
Our cookies do not hold personal data such as your name. These only allow us to find information after you choose to register for a service or newsletter.

For this, in some situations we use persistent cookies. We treat the protection of your personal data seriously – we always monitor and improve the way we can protect them.


Persistent cookies – these cookies are stored in your device’s browser and are used whenever you visit our website. These cookies help us remember our users’ settings and preferences, to facilitate the next visit of our users. For example, these cookies will ensure that users will not have to log in again. I also note the users’ language preference at the next visit.

Session cookies – these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser’s cookie archive until you leave our website. The information we receive with these cookies helps us analyze web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify and solve problems and provide a better browsing experience.


Our website may contain links to web pages or third-party applications. Please note that these third party websites may also use cookies. We do not control these third-party websites and are not responsible for the cookies they set or access. If you click on any of these references or applications, please note that each of them will have its own policy. Therefore, read the cookie policy of other websites or applications before using them.

Within our website, the following partners use cookies and similar technologies.

Google Analytics – To better understand how you use our website, we collaborate with Google Analytics and allow them to use cookies, SDKs and other appropriate traffic monitoring technologies.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram – our website also uses plug-ins from third parties as a distribution button. With this sharing button you can distribute our ads on the third party platform, provided you are connected to their services. These third parties may link the interaction with our website and your account. Therefore, please read the privacy policies of these third parties before clicking the share button.


Your browser will usually provide information on how to refuse, delete, or block cookies. The following references will take you to that information, based on the most common browsers used:



This policy will be updated periodically, depending on the functional changes that may occur, legislative or internal. Should material changes occur, customers will be notified by email or through the website before the changes take effect. We encourage customers to check this page periodically to be informed of the latest news regarding our privacy practices.